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Mathematics can be a beautiful language.

It has taken me a little while to renew my interest in Maths and Physics. I successfully completed a PGCE (in the Lifelong Learning Sector) in June 2012 and was awarded Qualified Teaching Learning Status (QTLS) by the Institute for Learning in April 2013. I have since been re-visiting second-year A'Level Maths (C3,C4,S2 & M2) - I am currently, after an absence of many moons, returning to gaze in wonder at the mystical Maxwell's Equations.

Some people, in the same way that others can find a different skill hard to master, find Maths a challenge. Maths can be frustrating and trying to make a breakthrough can sometimes feel like banging your head against an unforgiving wall. All that is needed, is to step away from the problem, take breather and find a ladder. The problem can often be that there are a few runs missing in the ladder and so, it is necessary to find a place where a person is secure in their knowledge and add the necessary runs to the ladder from there. For example, you cannot understand precentages fully, without realising they are fractions, and to understand fractions you need to be happy with division and multiplication.

Persistence and stubborness can be required to master a new mathematical skill and practice is then necessary to reinforce and retain it. Although, it can be very satisfying to complete a problem, or feel relaxed when faced with a problem, remember it is only Maths.


A flower photographer, a still wind and an empty sky


A cerise coloured dahlia

A small number of my close-up flower photographs can be viewed here.

I had been using 35mm slide film (the discontinued 50 ASA Velvia) shot with an old, dented, Olympus OM4T camera, together with a 90mm Olympus macro lens that, I believe, was once owned by Eric Hosking, and extension tubes. The slides were then professionally scanned.

I am now using, when time permits, a second hand Fujifilm XE1 with an adapter ring to facilitate the use of the same 90mm macro lens.



To view images I have available with the Alamy stock agency, click the Alamy logo.

Stock photography by Carl+Ross at Alamy

A writer, seeking a quieter mind

When my mind allows, I like exploring and playing with ideas by writing. I am still trying to learn the craft and the goal seems ever more distant. A few of my scribbles can be read here

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