Friends - maths

One of the positive things about the internet is that if you are struggling with a topic in maths, you can find a explanations on the web that may help you. You don't have to look on any one site and can look at several before settling on one that best suits your needs.


Friends - a photographer's favourite helpful people:

I was using Fuji slide film - 50 ASA Velvia. These were ordered through 7dayshop; though I would feel reluctant to order expensive items from them.

After sitting in my cupboard and then my camera for ages, the films, after exposure, were processed by Peak Imaging. They then sat again in my cupboard for a long period of time before I looked through them again and oscillated between thinking a few look interesting to they all look rubbish! I went through this process several times as well, before I managed to mail a few to Blueskyimages, where they were professionally scanned. I failed to implement any systematic filing or cataloguing system - from the previous sentences this may not come as a surprise!


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