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~The Great Chocolate Bar Debacle

One of the recently opened local supermarkets had decided to promote the new store by offering a free enormous chocolate bar to anyone spending over £700 in one visit.

This offer had proved an unexpected draw, and the shop was inundated with chocoholics. Two staff members were required to carry each triangular cross-sectioned chocolate bar on their shoulders to awaiting cars and hoist them onto apprehensive roof racks, while the customers relayed shopping trolleys back and forth containing goods they hardly wanted or needed.

It was a hot day and, unfortunately, the chocolate soon started to melt during the journeys home, sliding down over car bodywork and, more importantly, over windscreens. News readers informed the public of multiple traffic accidents caused by the lost visibility of drivers. The event became known as the Great Chocolate Bar Debacle and one man in the marketing department lost his job.

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