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~My Career in Film (a true story)

My Letter of Hope:

Dear Kenneth Loach,


I thought I‘d drop you a line as I have recently visited a careers adviser and she directed me to the government Nextstep website. After completing the Skills Health Check, one of the job suggestions for me to consider was TV or Film Assistant Director. Although I have no experience of working in this area, far be it for me to question the website’s judgment.

I thought after hearing this you may be keen to offer me an opportunity to work with you.

I should also point out that I now have an Arctic Circle Certificate to verify that I crossed the Arctic Circle aboard a cruise ship, The Artemis.

I look forward to hearing from you. I am 46.


Yours sincerely


Carl Andrew Ross


My Hopes dashed:


Dear Carl Ross


Thanks for your letter.


Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer you any work at Sixteen Films as we always work with the same assistant director team when we’re filming.


Just so you know though, the role of an assistant director (A.D) is something that you have to gain some experience in. The website or your careers advisor should have told you that. People generally start out as a Runner, they then become a 3 rd A.D, then a 2 nd A.D. then finally a 1 st A.D. all of whom work together as a team, but have slightly different roles. If you wish pursue this route then you should try to get some experience on a tv or film set. That is never easy, so it’s also worth doing film/tv production courses in it. I don’t know what may be in your local area though. Perhaps a local college may run media production courses.


Good luck in your job search and training.


Best wishes


Sixteen Films


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