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~My Dear Darwin,

I should find the implications of your theory – quite alarming.
It has been explained to me, this evolutionary idea
will make my position as Creator - unclear.
I hope before I am asked to leave my Creation
You will allow me the chance of an explanation:
there is more to it than beaks, and shells and bones and wings,
there’s a divinity pervading the smallest and largest of things.
Without this divinity, life could not exist,
but the Truth is a paradox that I could not resist:
for look at my creation and the truth disappears,
the brain cannot fathom it give it millions of years,
it is only when quiet the mind finally clears
and your identity - the unreal - then disappears;
leaving unending, disinterested bliss
the end of the journey will return you to this
I will leave you to do what it is written you‘ll do
And talk to you later - in spring '82.
Whether you believe in me or not,
I am, as ever, your beloved,

©Carl Ross

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