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~Birds – Little Egret,

The origami bird

unfolds its wings

and rises above estuary,

yellow feet like the tail of a kite.


~Birds – Starlings:

a little army of dazed chain-mailed knights

wander in circles on the grass.


~Birds – Canada Geese

graze the pre-dawn grass,

swishing their necks as they go,

like monks chanting their prayers.


~Birds – The Magpie,

a diminutive Dick Turpin,

struts beside an ominous bend in the road.


~Birds – The Herring Gull

tilts back its glistening throat,

and guffaws like a drunkard

over-appreciating a joke.


~Birds – The Cormorant

drying its wings –

a Roman Standard,

above a legion

sunk under the mud of time.


©Carl Ross



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