Stories & Poems ~ Children's Stories:

"These are but wild and whirling words, my lord." (Horatio in Hamlet.)

I hope, but in reality it may be otherwise, that I will be able to regularly update the webpages listed below.

I would welcome any positive criticism or advice, and could certainly benefit from the help of an editor.

Note: these stories have not yet been uploaded and are currently unavailable. I expect there are millions of people across the world that can hardly wait.

  • Aya and the Missing Sun
    Aya awakes to find the sun gone, and no one seems concerned...
  • Lincoln Trolleybus
    Why can't everthing be just like I want it, now?
  • Redbert and the Red Settee
    Redbert experiences some ups and downs, as the settee he is seated on takes flight...

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