Stories & Poems ~ Sound Recordings:

Ocasionally, I have made some audio recordings, using an MP3 (iRiver H300) and an external omni-directional microphone (Audio-Technica AT804). I have then used free software Audacity to carry out some very basic editing.

I hope, but in reality it may be otherwise, that I may add a few more now and again.



Doreen recalls an aircaraft crash in Capel St. Mary during WW2

From a quick bit of internet searching, it appears the aircraft, a B24 Liberator named "Miss Liberty", piloted by Adam Kubinciak, crashed on 25th Feb 1945.

Doreen was born in a cottage on the Street in Capel and lived there all her life. She became a primary school teacher and taught at, among other schools, the school in Capel.

My father plays the harmonica:

1. A snatch of Irene Goodnight

2. A snatch of Red River Valley

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